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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a different way of looking at health and disease: it doesn't simply focus on the symptoms a person has but it asks WHY the health problem developed in the first place.

Functional Medicine recognises that people are all unique; we all have individual & different genetic and biochemical makeup and unique life experiences, which impact the development of a disease state.

It's an approach which actively 'digs in' to a person's history and current lifestyle to understand how their nutrition, sleep, stress, relationships and movement combine with their family history to give rise to their core 'clinical imbalances' that appear to be driving or maintaining their symptoms of ill health. 

It doesn't focus on symptoms in isolation but considers the WHOLE person: “Functional Medicine treats the person who has the disease.. not just the disease itself”.

My interest in the Functional Medicine (FM) approach - and becoming a Certified FM Practitioner - is currently being consolidated through postgraduate training with the Institute for Functional Medicine.